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The Founders of ON POINT SUPPLEMENTS have worked together for a combined service of 25 years and are currently serving their community as Law Enforcement Officers.  Sean was a combat engineer for the ARMY and both Sean and Josh have proudly served as SWAT Operators as well as members of their departments Fitness Committee.  

Maintaining a high level of physical strength and endurance when operating as a first responder can be the difference between life and death.  This is one of the drivers behind starting the OPS product line.  They have always been passionate about health and wellness and want to share their knowledge with others in their field. Their goal in launching OPS is to provide a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE product line that first responders can trust will help them meet their personal fitness goals.   

Sean Ellefsen, Co-Founder OPS

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Josh Jennings, Co-Founder OPS

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Ashley Ellefsen, Co-Founder OPS

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