Aaron Joseph, Washington State Police Officer Since 2006

Fitness has always been an important part of Aaron’s life, from being a three sport high school athlete to becoming a Division IA Football player at Washington State University. Aaron is extremely driven and loves competition, which started his journey into Men's Physique.   Aaron’s next goal is to obtain the elusive Pro Card!  He believes that physical fitness is a priority for his safety at work, ensuring that he makes it home to his beautiful wife and two amazing sons.
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 “I feel very fortunate to be a part of the On Point family and to have my childhood friend Jerdear O'Neal as a teammate!”
- Aaron

Kendall Jensen, Fitness Competitor
2015 Utah NPC Procore Fitness, Overall Champion
2016 Junior Nationals Fitness, 4th Place

Kendall has been a sports enthusiast her entire life; gymnastics, wake boarding, rock climbing and now weight lifting have made it into her impressive repertoire. Kendall says, “There is an intense satisfaction in accomplishing something even when your mind tells your body it isn’t sure it can.” Overcoming doubt and fear have been motivational drivers for Kendall while being involved in fitness competitions, she says, “strengthen the mind and everything else will follow.”. We’ve seen this with Kendall time and time again as she is physically and mentally the strongest she’s ever been.  Her goals for the next year are to add muscle mass and flex her creative might by creating a new fitness routine for her Junior National show next year!  She plans on making her pro debut and win, qualifying for the Olympia! 
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“Why shoot for anything less than the moon?  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

- Kendall


JerDear O’Neal
Washington State Corrections Specialist since 2003
2015 WA State Open Men’s Physique Class C Champion

JerDear trains to be the best possible version of himself!  Being fit is a part of his DNA and he has always been drawn to not only working out (the physical) but learning the why behind it (mental). JerDear says, “I train for God, myself, my family, my friends, and to be an example to those I meet.” For JD, life is all about having balance in all things and he feels that training the mind as well as the body is vital to living a healthy and productive life. 
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 “With all the modern conveniences it’s imperative for everyone to make sure to optimize all opportunities to train our physical bodies.”

- JerDear

Terry Nichol, Canadian Federal Correctional Officer/Emergency Response Team Member "ERT" 

Terry is a former professional MMA fighter that still trains like a dedicated athlete!  He is also a Canadian Federal Correctional officer and says, “I train for my life and strive to motivate and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves possible. I consider being fit for the field you work in very serious, especially law enforcement.  You always have to have your game on point!”  Terry genuinely loves athletics.  As a child he trained in boxing, Tae Kwon Do, hockey and baseball.  In college Terry trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu, Mauy Thai kickboxing and wrestling, quickly falling in love with combat training.  Taking his first amateur fight in 2007 he quickly developed his skills and turned pro a couple of years later. 
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“I began combat training with the goal of staying fit for my job but quickly began appreciating true discipline and along the way gained a whole new respect for humility at gratitude.” 
- Terry

Daniel Grady, State of Georgia Police Officer since 2011 

Daniel has been body building for seven years and pursuing the sport of competitive bodybuilding for two years.  He trains diligently and seeks to obtain his pro card in the very near future.  From his time on duty, Daniel knows physical fitness plays a huge part in Law Enforcement; saying, “you must train as if your life depends on it everyday.”

“Don’t let lack of fitness keep you from coming home to your family.”

- Daniel

Ashley Cummins, Missouri Police officer since 2010

Ashley is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and is currently ranked number 6 in the world in her weight class (105lbs). Ashley has been training and competing in MMA for 10 years and has been a police officer for over 7 years. Ashley trains MMA, boxing, muay thai, wrestling, and jiu jitsu. Ashley says, “What we learn in the academy is not enough. It is very important for LEO’s to not only stay in shape,
but to actively train in some type of martial arts consistently. Knowing how to fight and defend yourself could save your life, your co-workers lives, and citizens.” Ashley’s favorite quote she lives by is “If the day ever comes that you have to fight for your life, the only thing that will determine the outcome is if
you ever trained and prepared for that fight” –Tim Kennedy
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“Training and competing in MMA helps me stay in shape and continue to progress my knowledge on defensive tactics to keep me safe.”

- Ashley


Scott Gardner, South Carolina Police Officer Since 2008

2015 Super Heavy Weight USAPL Palmetto Classic, 1st Place

2015 World Police and Fire Games, 2nd Place Super Heavy Weight Power Lifting

Scott began lifting weights early in his life inspired by his father, lifting for football. After Scott finished college football he began to train in Mixed Martial Arts, and tried Natural Bodybuilding.  He found his new home and passion in Power Lifting. He began training in August 2012 and by December 2012 he took the 1st place win at the USAPL Law Enforcement Nationals in Super Heavy Weight (Police & Fire RAW & SHW 1st Men's Open RAW).  Since then Scott has competed in numerous power lifting meets.  Most recently he competed in the USAPL RAW Nationals where he took 1st in SHW Men's Police and Fire, and 8th in Men's Open.  In a short period of time Scott has demonstrated a superior ability to perform!                                                                               

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"I love the fact that On Point Supplements is not only blue family but supports all our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement.  I look forward to working with OPS to achieve my goal of being the best tactical athlete I can be."


Ryan Baylark, Kansas Police Officer Since 2011

Ryan has been a competitive powerlifter in the USAPL’s 183 pound weight class for 4 years. He's also a former American Record Holder with a 443 pound bench press. In 2017 Ryan placed third at RAW Nationals. His best competition lifts are a 573 pound squat, 443 pound bench and a 650 pound deadlift. 

Ryan has proudly served his community as a law enforcement officer in the state of Kansas for the last 7 years. He is also a member of his departments Honor Guard as well as a Taser Instructor. 

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"Being fit, means being safe."